1. You Deserve These Podcasts: @RockstarPodcast, @YLNT, @RoderickOn

    I’ve found myself listening to more and more podcasts this year — much to my wife’s dismay. Here are a few that I believe are worth your attention.

    Rockstar Podcast

    The Rockstar Podcast is a group of middle-aged businessmen who get together — in their corduroys and dad-shirts, from Banana Republic — and complain about life. Honestly though, it’s a solid, accessible podcast that will relate to many small business owners and it’s got great entertainment value. I highly recommend you follow the Rockstar Podcast team: Lorenzo, Tony & Mariano on Twitter.

    Podcast Website | @rockstarpodcast

    You Look Nice Today

    You Look Nice Today Podcast is basically a conversation between three people who are way funnier than you will ever be… but like they say, “act like the person you want to be” and if your goal is to become a pale, white man, who is funny and has a following on Twitter, than you can do worse than start with this podcast. The podcast is crewed by Merlin Mann, Scott Simpson, and Adam Lisagor, all of which are incredibly talented, smart and witty people.

    Podcast Website | @ylnt

    Roderick On The Line

    The difference between bald-faced lies and the stories told on Roderick On The Line Podcast is the specificity and conviction of John Roderick’s delivery. Honestly, this is easily one of the best Podcasts you can subscribe to these days. They are about 40 episodes in now, and you might feel inclined to go back and listen to past episodes, but it only took me 10-15 minutes to catch on to how the Podcasts works and it’s now an absolute favorite of mine. The podcast is run by Merlin Man and features John Roderick.

    Podcast Website | @RoderickOn

    I realize that there are many more worthy Podcasts out there to listen to — and I listen to many more than these three. However, these Podcasts deserve special attention and are worth your time. If you have a podcast to recommend to me, contact me on Twitter!