1. “Yes” on Ref-74

    There is only one thing that I truly care about in this election and that is that Washington’s Ref 74 passes.

    It would be a shame to deny people that I truly care about the equal rights that the rest of us enjoy because we don’t identify with their sexual orientation.

    Passing this law is the right thing to do, and helps guarantee both the rights of same-sex couples and the freedoms of religious groups.

    In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter who wins the White House. Good and bad things will happen — no matter who is in elected — and we’ll keep moving forward. However, no matter how jaded you are with the political system, Ref 74 has a chance to bring real, meaningful changes to the lives of people around you. It’s something that you do have the power to change.

    Hopefully those of you who haven’t voted, or who are on the fence on this issue can find the moral fortitude to make the right choice on Tuesday.