1. WordPress Part I

    I’ve just finished my first attempt to completely template my new WordPress install to fit in with the shiny new design I created. Though the entire process of getting used to WordPress wasn’t all fun and games it is a huge improvement over the install process of say, Moveable Type. I’ve always used Moveable Type in my sites before this but the simple “5 Minute Install” was true to it’s word and really seemed quicker.

    Though I was impressed with the install, documentation, backend and useability of WordPress, I’m having a hardtime with implimenting some of the more advanced template features that I need in order to finish this design off.

    The WordPress website has some great resources but often times I’d go and look for more details on fixing a problem and all I’d find is people talking about what should be added to the page instead of answers to the problems they were having. Maybe it was just the way I was browsing the sections or something but I ended up going back to Google for all my answers.

    Finally I got things templated generally the way I want and soon hope to have more details on the more advanced features I am currently installing.