1. Why you need to sponsor @WordcampSeattle.

    Avelient was one of the premiere sponsors of Wordcamp Seattle 2011, and it’s proven to be some of the best money in terms of ROI, that we’ve ever spent on an event.

    It’s taken me a bit longer than I’d hoped to put this post together. Wordcamp was a few weeks ago, and I’m still rolling in the aftershocks of the event… and I think that’s a good thing. Since returning from the event, I’ve been emailing back and forth with the contacts that I made, establishing partnerships, and diving into new products that we found at the event.

    I think that some of these connections would not have been as easy, or as apparent if we hadn’t been a sponsor of the event.

    Our primary reason for sponsoring the event was to establish connections.

    When I saw the sponsorship opportunities at the event, I jumped on board right away. We’re looking to establish connections with WordPress based designers and developers, to grow our connections to help manage the growth that we’re experiencing.

    The sponsors & speakers dinner was an amazing networking event.

    The night before the actual event, Calvin Freitas (a main organizer of Wordcamp Seattle) arranged a dinner for everyone who helped sponsor the event, or was a speaker at the event. The small get-together included about 20-30 people, and allowed for up close and personal networking.

    The dinner alone was worth the sponsorship cost. By getting direct access to the speakers, I was able to establish a more personal connection before the event ever began.

    The actual event does give you some real exposure.

    By being a sponsor of the event, you do see an increase in web traffic, social interaction, and personal connections with people at the event. A few people came up to me personally and said thank you for sponsoring the event, and the increased exposure did ensure that we got a few new connections, just because our name appeared at the event.

    The value – in a nutshell…

    Really, the main value that you get as a sponsor is the additional access you get to the conference, speakers and the private get-together before the event that proved to be an amazing networking opportunity.

    Beyond the reasons above, anyone who has a business that is built on WordPress, and the WordPress community should consider sponsoring the event to help promote and grow the event for future years.