1. Why I Exercise

    Each week-day, at 2:50pm I switch my status to “Away”, switch my iPhone to “Do Not Disturb”, change my clothes, and head off to my gym.

    It’s sometimes hard to leave, especially when I have multiple “fires” to put out, but I rarely break this routine and I’ve discovered huge benefits to doing it:

    Confidence — Over time, as you exercise you begin to lose weight, gain muscle and develop a sense of confidence about yourself. This confidence can translate to other areas of your life, including decision making skills and leadership ability.

    Reset your Brain — By doing my gym time during prime day-light hours, I am making my work-out as important as any other task I perform during the day. By allowing myself to re-focus on a activity that honestly requires very little brain function, I am giving myself a chance to reset my brain. I’ve found that one of the best ways to improve your problem solving skills is to simply “do something else” and the gym has proven to be a fantastic place to come up with ideas to solve the problems of the day.

    Sex Life — One of the biggest benefits of regular exercise is a marked improvement in your sex-life. A good cardio workout improves your blood flow, and can help you build physical endurance. This can help translate to better sexual performance.

    Live Longer — Let’s face it, most of us sit at a desk for well over 8 hours a day. There are credible studies that suggest that this can shorten your life span and increase your likelihood of developing certain heart diseases. I view my time in the gym as an effort to stay physically healthy for myself and family.

    Obviously, there are many other benefits to exercise, but the 4 above, are the core reasons for my workout regime.

    Getting Into the Routine

    Many people who know my work/gym-ethic have commented that they want to do something like that, but they never can get into the habit. I’ve never really had a hard time establishing routines for myself, but I have found that there are some tools that can help you get started.

    Due – I use an iOS app called Due to remind me when it’s time to go to the gym. Sure, it’s on my calendar, but on those days when I don’t feel like going to the gym, calendar warnings are too easy to ignore. I’ve found that Due’s reminders and alarms are harder to ignore..

    Motivation – I thrive on negative motivation. My Due alarm for the gym is an alert that says, “Go to the gym you fat bastard, don’t you dare ignore this alarm!” Others may want to go with a more positive tone to their alerts.

    I really doubt that there is any aspect of this post that is ground-breaking for anyone, but I do hope that this provides some catalyst for you to get out there and start establishing a healthy workout routine.

    If anything, your sexy-time friend will thank you.