1. Why I don’t care about 4G

    There is a lot of hype around the LTE networks and 4G mobile speeds these days, but I couldn’t be less interested.

    While I consider myself to be an early adopter, I have been unable to get interested in 4G data speeds because of the limitations of data caps imposed by carriers. What is the point of being able to download web-content at 12+ Mbps if your data plan is limited to 2GB per month? That’s like being a sprinter that can only run 25 yards at top speed, and then has to walk the rest of the 100 yards…

    Right now, at home, my comcast internet costs me $70/mo and after all the downloading and streaming that I do every-day, I am told by a friendly customer service rep at the company that I am “no where near the monthly cap on bandwidth”. Now, moving to my iPhone, I am limited to 4GB/mo of bandwidth, and if I go over, I’m automatically charged $10/GB. This reality forces me to change my habits to fit the connection device… and that makes sense to me. It’s appropriate to the medium.

    I believe that the above usage is common with most users… so if that is the case, why do we need 4G? What exactly is the benefit? I mean, if 4G didn’t cost more than my current 3G connection, then I wouldn’t care, sure, I won’t mind when my email gets sent quicker, but most carriers seem to be indicating that they will charge extra for 4G, and the data caps are going to be more restrictive.

    Can someone with 4G explain to me why it’s so special?