1. We’ve Got Growing Pains!

    2009 is going to be a big year for us at BLUETUX. We’re pushing a new marketing campaign, website, services and have engaged new employees to help us grow the company.

    Sam is not getting any sleep, any time soon.

    While we’re excited to be launching the new site, as we’ve never advertised our business before, we’re in for a wild ride. There are so many new details that have to be taken care of and it’s going to take a whole new perspective in my part in order for us to  manage the projects / sales process.

    Another great thing that is happening for BLUETUX is that we’re developing our first marketable product. We’ve brought on a new lead developer (Art Armstrong) and he’s going to help us scope, plan, and develop the product through the many stages.

    We will be opening a new blog on BLUETUX as we begin making these changes, and I’ll be sure to update here when that happens.

    Happy New Year!