1. Wedding Update: Date, Location, Colors Picked!

    We’ve managed to figure out some of the initial details over this last weekend! We’ve managed to nail down the date, location, colors, and even some of the floral arrangements that we want.

    Location – We narrowed down our choices to a few possible locations and are working on the booking details for each location.

    Our reception (and possibly) the ceremony will be held at our local country club.

    Date – Wedding will be on August 21, 2010. So save the date!


    Chosing the right colors for the event was fairly difficult. Megan at first left the colors up to me, as I have a decent flair for design, however after using my traditional color wheel and swatches I was hitting a wall. The winning solution was to browse different wedding magazines to find a general color scheme we liked. Once we’d established the general look we liked, I loaded the Hex color values into Adobe’s KULER and refined the color scheme a bit.

    Kuler allows you to create complimentary color palettes by using various tools that they’ve created. It’s a great free, web-based tool and I recommend it highly to anyone. As a basic user, with no training in design, color planning, or understanding for the math, the tool will be fairly forgiving and easy to use. However, it does allow for more advanced users to manipulate for advanced tweaking and configurations.

    In refining the color scheme, I took lighting, location and even the shade of the trees at the wedding location into account by grabbing photos of the church on flickr and guestimating lighting for when photos would be taken.

    The resulting color palette is a softer, mid-range version of our choice, which can be tracked in RGB, HEX, and Pantone for the various printing, tailoring, etc that will be done. It doesn’t look amazing on a monitor, but it looks fantastic when blended in real-life situations.

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