1. Wedding 2.0

    Eight months isn’t a lot of time to plan a wedding.  With the fiance’s and my work schedule it’s even more difficult. Knowing that we’re getting married in August 2010, we knew that we’d need to get an early jump on planning for the big day. We need a 2.0 approach to planning to keep ourselves sane.

    Within 20 minutes of searching around the web it became apparent to me that the wedding industry is 10 years behind when it comes to using social networking, tech and 2.0 tools to plan and manage weddings. Given that this is my day-to-day job, I figured we’d use some lessons and tools from my work to help streamline the process.

    During the next months leading up to the wedding, I will be blogging here, detailing our process, progress and problems. I hope to provide some great access to tools that might make it easier for young couples planning their weddings that will make their job easier.


    1. Management / Planning Software & Services!
    2. Wedding To-do List Templates!

    Stay tuned!

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