1. Wedding Management Services & To Do Lists

    Our first step in planning our wedding was to chose a tool that would allow us to manage the massive amount of information that is collected in the planning process.

    A major part of my work is project management. As such, I spend a fair amount of time in various project management tools and GTD style programs. I did a search on google for wedding planning tools and didn’t really come up with many options, beyond a few of the major names, which were mostly out-dated.

    The Knot

    The one wedding focused platform we did find was The Knot, a wedding focused website that helps brides with just about every aspect of the planning process. The Knot would probably be a good tool for the average user, however it really does make you conform to their process, their suggested vendors and plans, not something 100% your own. That last statement was based on my personal view of the site and the tools they offered, not necessarily all the “facts”. I’d say The Knot is your best option if your looking for everything in one place, but not necessarily if you’re looking for a powerful management-focused tool.

    Our Choice: Basecamp

    I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased when it comes to project management tools. I’ve tried many, and my hands down favorite is Basecamp by 37signals. It allows you to upload files, create to-do lists, messages, write boards, chat, and email notifications for just about all of the above.

    If you’re a wedding planning professional, or you do¬†repetitive¬†tasks in your wedding planning process, you’ll love the templates system that lets you create “template to-dos” that you can reload with a click or two.

    We use the file upload feature to upload pictures of magazines, photos, etc that we use for inspiration and ideas. The fact that we can login at any time, anywhere to view, edit, and view any of the information in Basecamp.

    Wedding Planning To Do List

    Took us about 10 minutes to setup, and we were on our way, creating guest lists, and a big, master to-do list for as many phases of the planning as possible.

    Download our Wedding Planning To-Do List (PDF)

    Question: What tools do you use?

    I saw a few printed forms, and templates for planning, but beyond that I don’t see any really good planning tools, so if there are any you know of, feel free to let us know.

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