1. Twitterific 2.1 Adds Video for iPhone 3GS

    My first Twitter app for the original iPhone was Twitteriffic. It was my introduction into mobile Twitter, and unfortunately, it turned me off to the idea. I switched to Tweetie shortly after that and didn’t really look back, until now..

    Iconfactory has launched the latest version of the  app and both the free / premium versions of the app got some major upgrades & bug fixes.

    IMG_0573 The most noticeable upgrade is the ability for iPhone 3GS users to upload videos to twitter using yFrog and TwitVid. The process is extremely smooth, and requires little effort or finagling to get the videos uploaded.

    I tested the video functionality out and it was very quick and easy. This puts Twitterific to the front-lines of competition against other iPhone apps simply because many popular apps like Tweetie have been slow to adapt to the new features that the iPhone 3GS brought to the table.

    Included in this update are several new features worth mentioning:

    • New “Address Book” to easily manage friends & followers
    • “Load More…” button at the bottom of the tweet timeline
    • Added support for recording, posting and playing back video
    • Translate any tweet to your native language via the action bar
    • Tapping on an avatar in author info views it full size
    • Added “Reply” and “Retweet” to tap shortcuts
    • Fixed keyboard problems with Emoji and slow typing
    • Improved battery life by changing how location updates

    These features, in combination with the many fixes that they’ve made to the app have caused me to switch from Tweetie to Twitterific for my iPhone Twitter needs.


    Some of the features I love about the app:

    • The ability to create single, double, triple click shortcuts that allow you to perform common actions when interacting with your twitter stream.
    • Also, the ability to create Address books / groups for contacts is a feature that Tweetie doesn’t seem to have interest in building — until Twitter does it…
    • Stability, unlike TweetDeck, Twitterific is very stable! To be fair, so is Tweetie, let’s not deduct points for that.
    • Tweet modifications like compressing links, text, adding maps and updating twitter location all from one menu instead of many shortcuts that clog up the UI all are favorable “features” to me.
    • Multiple themes gives you color options for those that prefer dark or light themed apps

    Let’s hope that this app pushes Tweetie to improve and bring out new features! Competition is healthy for innovation!