1. The Zen of Happy Customers

    In the last year I’ve worked quite a bit with customers who are attempting to have a better communication with their customers. Today, I got to experience the joy of being a happy customer and making a connection with a business through a social connection.

    Sure, we didn’t meet up a a chamber luncheon, or out at a fundraiser — we met up over Twitter but that didn’t keep the connection from being any less than personal.

    BLUETUX has been using Zendesk to manage our support department system. They provide a great piece of software and after all the support ticketing solutions that we’ve tried over the years, we found their service to be simply A-plus!

    As we participate on social networks like Twitter, another company that Zendesk provides the support system for, I noticed a question regarding Zendesk. Having happily used the service, I was quick to respond and promote them heartily. I did this with no ulterior motives and truely wasn’t even thinking that Zendesk was monitoring their brand online.

    Within a few hours of my tweet, I received a tweet from the Michael Hansen, VP, Evangelism who thanked me for my kind words for their product and offered to send me a t-shirt to thank me.

    Michael then went on to RT (Re-Tweet) my original message, at least twice, using it as a testimonial for the service that he represents.

    Simple communication & interaction goes a long way

    Having been preaching the goods of proper social networking for small businesses it was a great feeling to get to actually experience it from the customer’s side for the first time. Sure, we get plenty of love coming our way from happy customers, but nothing feels better than having someone seemingly reach-out and thank you personally.

    All of the events above happened about a week or two ago from date of this post. This morning, I walked into my office and found a quality (it’s not cheap!) t-shirt and a business card for Michael Hansen sitting on my desk — it totally made my day.


    Ok, so the t-shirt was enormous on me, but my girlfriend loves it and now wears it to bed, I couldn’t be happier.

    Building social equity

    To tie this story back to my area of interest, I was struck by how powerful and meaningful a simple interaction can be for a business — even when connecting through a fairly anonymous medium like the internet.

    Mr Hansen probably spent an hour total interacting with this particular connection. However, from this connection Zendesk has generated several twitter posts, a blog article written by a happy customer, and another round of tweets regarding this blog posts, all referencing his company.

    Could you ask for more from your customers?

    Conclusions & Questions

    Thanks to Mr Hansen for sending the shirt and giving me the opportunity to experience the fun of being a happy customer!

    I’d like to hear your comments, and in particular, I’d like to hear your positive stories of interaction with your customers or as a customer. How did it make you feel?