1. The SG Network*

    Over the last 2 years I’ve been involved in an online community of talented designers called StyleGala (www.stylegala.com). The site has proved to be an invaluable resource to many designers who are able to access top notch design resources, get their work critiqued by their peers and provide the latest news of trends, and techniques that is important to our line of work.

    There are so many designers and developers involved in the community through the forums that it is difficult to keep track of who is who and what they are working on. I am offering to start a “link-network” of these individuals so that we can stay in touch with each other. I have started a new”SG Network” link on the center column of my site where I will link to these individuals. I will always try to keep this list current so if you are interested in this feature please send me your website URL, your StyleGala alias, and your real name I will happily add you to the list.

    Please consider adding this list to your own website so that we can build a true network. If you have any suggestions for how the system should work are greatly appreciated, I’m just getting the ball rolling with a basic idea!

    * This network is completely unofficial and Simon (owner of StyleGala) has yet to comment on whether he agrees to this idea, I started it simply to be pro-active with building the community even more and increasing community involvement.

    13 thoughts on “The SG Network*”

    1. Sam Howat says:


      Website: samhowat.com, Name: Sam Howat, SG Username: Panic!

    2. Sam Howat says:

      Also, I added Joshua Kendall because he was already in my EFRIENDS list.

    3. Cool idea Sam, I’ll add it to my Portfolio later today, and check back every couple of days for new people to add.

    4. Well it is now on my portfolio site. Just click my name on this comment and when the page loads, just click the “SG Network” link.

    5. David Blanchet
      SG username ‘ClimaxDesigns’

      nice idea.

    6. Sam, sorry to nitpick, but for my SG Network link you have my SG Member name as ‘JoshuaKendall’. It actually has a space in it. :)

      Oh, and you have Cammeron Moll instead of Cameron Moll in your EFRIENDS list. :)

    7. Sam Howat says:

      Thanks Joshua, I didn’t realize that usernames could have a space. :)

    8. Here’s an idea:

      Why not create a delicious account (you can moderate it if you wish) and bookmark stylegala folks in there. Then anyone who wishes to can pull the feed onto their site.

      Andrew Faulkner
      SG username ‘aspiramedia’

    9. George Marez says:

      Hello all, long time SG member. I simply haven’t had time to update my site. Full time undergrad, full time work, full time father.
      Maybe later…

      I’m G3P0.

    10. Sam Howat says:

      @Andrew Faulkner – Hey thats a great idea! I still am having time constraint issues (its taking a few days just to moderate comments on my site) but as soon as I have free time I’ll come up with a more permenant solution along those lines.

      That might be the best way, then people can login and update the account as their information changes.

    11. Sam,

      Just a quickee – You have mine and David’s links the wrong way around on the SG list. :)

    12. Sam Howat says:

      Sorry Andrew, got that updated :)

    13. I can’t get SG to load for me. So I figured I would share with you Sam (and anyone who pops by). I setup a ma.gnolia group for the SG list. It offers a RSS and Atom feed so people should be able to tap into it and use it instead of manually updating.


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