1. HTML5 Hearts iPad

    The iPad is increasing the mind-share of HTML to the general public, businesses, and tech-minds at breakneck speed that would make the most enduring web-standardista jealous.

    I’ve been watching HTML develop over the last 10 years – at a snail’s pace. Pioneers like Jeffery Zeldman spent years developing the standards community. Convincing, educating, and cajoling the business community into understanding the importance of web standards.

    This took an immense amount of effort and I don’t think that we’d be where we are today if these pioneers wouldn’t made a stand and decided to educated people about this new ‘web’ that was growing around them.

    However, while these people captured the attention of many people in the industry and many businesses, they have yet to crack into the mind-share of the general public. I believe that this is a vital part of pushing a technology forward.

    Enter: the iPad

    Since the announcement of the iPad there has been a huge conversation going on regarding Flash, Silverlight, and h.264 Video formats. Each touts their strengths, but when Apple announced that the iPad would not launch with Flash/Silverlight capabilities, and that people who wished to have their content displayed on it would need to use the h.264 video format the fight became personal.

    Regardless of your stance regarding this topic, the important thing to keep in mind is that the iPad has thrown HTML5 into the forefront of the discussion.

    Sites like CBS, ABC, Wired, New York Times and other large media conglomerate sites around the web are actively promoting their newly HTML5ized sites.

    In the space of 6 months, the iPad has done what the internal team for these companies have been begging them to do for years.

    The fact that people who are not even interested / involved in my field of work are able to point out things like h.264 and HTML5 because of the iPad is what makes me happiest. It’s making it to the mainstream! That’s when corporations like Microsoft respond.

    Now, I’m not giving all the glory to the iPad on this one. Many large, popular websites have been pushing modern browsers that support current / new HTML5 capability are making a stand. With the support of Google, and other massive corporations in conjunction with popular devices like the iPad I think we will see an unprecedented adoption of HTML5 and standards.