1. The Boys Are Back In Town!

    Michael and I got back from our trip to New York and are trying to recover. With my already tenuous sleep-schedule the transition was a bit difficult and I’ve been going into work later — at 7 AM. However, the trip was great and we’ve got some video and pictures of the trip for those of you who enjoy the visuals.

    If you’re interested in the brief tour, watch the video on Vimeo, or view the photo album of the trip on Flickr.

    The official purpose of the trip was to meet with our friends from Avelient to discuss the developing partnership between our two companies. The 3-4 hours that we spent at dinner with them were very productive and I believe that both parties left the table feeling that we were on track for a very productive business relationship. Mariano and Scott were great hosts and we look forward to working with them more in the future!

    In the next few weeks we will be clearing up our work-load to prepare for Christmas and a huge launch for BLUETUX in January.

    More details to come!