1. Thankful

    I hate the holiday season. It starts with Thanksgiving, the herald for the holiday shopping season that seems to showcase greed, selfishness and epic amount of stress. This year, I’m skipping the presents and typical seasonal shopping stress and instead simply focusing on the things I am thankful for.

    First, I’d preface this list by saying that though this list might come off as “hey, look how good I’m doing”, it’s not entirely true. This has been a tough year for me in many different ways, but I am focusing on the things I am thankful for, and not dwelling on the negative.

    Thinks I am thankful for…

    1. I have consistently have lost 2lbs each month this year, continuing to trim down.
    2. The quality of my blood and blood pressure is better than ever.
    3. My uncle was mis-diagnosed with cancer, and is getting healthier every-day.
    4. My wife’s health issues seem to be resolved after a few tough months this year.
    5. I am finding more and more ways to stay active and am not get bored with my health conscious lifestyle choices.
    6. I am employed, and even luckier, I love what I do and never.
    7. I have an amazing group of people that I work with, and I’m incredibly in awe of their awesomeness.
    8. My wife and I celebrated our first anniversary, and are well on our way to our 2nd anniversary in 2012.
    9. Our little family includes 3 dogs (aka “the kids”) that entertain and make our house feel more and more like a home.
    10. My family seems closer than ever before and we have great relationships with my siblings and parents.

    It’s easy to focus on the negatives in your life, the things you don’t have, but if you can spend 15 minutes writing down the things you are thankful for, it’s easy to remember how good your life is, and how fortunate many of us are.

    What is your list? Link it to me, and I’ll tweet and link to it.