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    Anyone who’s been on Twitter for more than ten to fifteen minutes is aware of the spam that is thrown your way. I’ve taken the time to classify some of the different types of spammers so that you can avoid them. I know, how nice of me.


    If you see someone on twitter who’s avatar shows them sportin’ a snappy suite, they are probably a douche-bag.

    90% of the time, if I see someone wearing a suit, I’ll look over at their bio and they will list our their accomplishments. It usually will look like this: “I am a real estate agent, SEM professional, Ex CEO, Sailboat Owner, Harley Rider, Social Media guru, ex-heisman trophy winner, and I met President Obama”… or something along those lines.

    Typically a person like this will have a Twitter feed that is full of posts, but few interactions with other Twitter users.

    Like I said, this is not perfect, but so far, my rule of thumb has paid off 90% of time.

    Auto DM’ers

    These guys are one of the most annoying. Typically they start following you, interact a little with you, and then when you follow them back, they send you an auto-DM saying hello and asking you to fill out a survey or sign up for their newsletter.

    Now, this isn’t that bad except, with the amount of Follow / DM emails that most people get from Twitter, the last one you want to get is someone pretending to be genuine with you. It’s insulting.

    The Quote Spammers

    These users typically mean well and I’m sure that they don’t mean to spam, and probably think that they are possibly providing amazing insight for someone that follows them.

    However, when their stream looks like a daily inspiration book written written by a bot, you can pretty much assume that you won’t be seeing any value in following them.


    These guys are being weeded out by Twitter fairly quickly. Typically they run around posting tweets saying “click here to learn how to gain 10,000 followers!” and then send you to a fairly blank page with a video and sign up form.

    The video starts –of course, it’s auto-play– and some guy dressed in a American Eagle shirt begins to make claims about earning thousands of dollars from free followers.

    Real Estate Agents

    You guys are the biggest offenders of the most basic principles of social networking. Now, not all of you are bad, some are awesome see: @LBCIslander.

    Many of you sign in at 9 am when you get in to the office, blast out 10 – 15 tweets linking to your latest real estate listings and then sign off.

    People from New Jersey

    Need I say more? Thats right. I said it. Do the gold chains slow you down when you type?

    How About You?

    What kind of Twitter user do you dislike the most? Do you have any particular criteria for selecting who you follow back?