1. Shortlist: OSX Time & Project Management Apps

    Are you a GTD freak? Need to manage / track your time better? Here’s a Sam Howat approved list of of OSX apps that you can pick and choose from to fit your needs.

    First, understand that time management does not equal project management. They are vastly different in both philosophically as well as in practice. As such, I’ve created two lists.

    Project Management

    Things – Often considered the best personal GTD software available on the Mac, this app can be the perfect app for many Mac users. The biggest downside to this software is that the developers do not communicate well, it feels like it’s deadware. That said, the to-do process that they’ve design is very refined, and is the reason I just switched back to using Things from Wunderlist (temporarily).

    WunderList – An awesome app that has just come out. It comes with cloud sync built in, and it allows you to share your to-do lists. The things that bug me about this app is that it the to-do management doesn’t seem refined, and it ended up disrupting my process too much. That said, they are supposed to be launching a ton of improvements to the app which will hopefully solve most of my complaints.

    TaskPaper – Now, Oscar Godson will give me crap for recommending this one because I didn’t like it in the times that I tried it… that said, I’ve certainly come to recognize that simplictiy is key to any GTD process, so if you can deal with the fairly simplistic interface and lack of features, this is the GTD app for you.

    OmniFocus – This is the old workhorse of Mac apps. Honestly, I don’t like to use it, but many swear by it, so it just can’t be ignored. Comes with a healthy price tag too I believe.

    Firetask – Now, this one is new to me. It’s a beautifully designed app, and works very well, but I haven’t had the time needed to fully vette it. It comes with a pretty damn impressive list of features and I’d love to hear from those that have used it extensively.

    Time Management / Tracking

    Pomodore – Ok, honestly, this is for the advanced users. It requires discipline and training to use this technique / app but it has proven to be a very effective way for me to watch my time, find distractions and then eliminate them. Learn about the pomodore technique here.

    Toggle – I really like this service. It’s not an app but it’s really well designed and 100% focused on time tracking. Worth trying if you prefer web-based apps.

    On The Job – Hands down, one of the more quality time-tracking apps available on the Mac. The price tag is a bit much, and it lacks some of the export features I’d like to see, but it’s solid, and works really well.

    TicToc – This is a sumer neat app that I’ve been playing with for the last week. I found it in the MacApp store and it’s proven to be a solid little timer that doesn’t intrude into your space, but which comes with the features most timing apps need.

    Full Featured Tools

    If you need more than just single apps, I would encourage you to check out the 37Signals suite of tools, or try out Projector. They both are more expensive options but come with some very powerful features.