1. Sharing for Maximum Exposure


    When sharing an article or blog post to Facebook and Twitter, don’t just blast it out indiscriminately, plan your postings with a goal for maximum exposure to your audience.

    I have a mix of both personal and business connections on Twitter and Facebook. Most of the time, these people are using their platforms to share blog posts and information relating to their business. In the course of this sharing process many seem to forget to find value in who they expose the article to… blasting it out from as many accounts as possible right when they’re done hitting the “publish” button in WordPress. This is a bad idea.

    2 Second Take-AwayBeing sure to get your content in front of your audience at the right time, is arguably one of the most important steps in sharing your content. It’s not how much you share, it’s about sharing smartly.

    Blasting your post out to Facebook / Twitter on your personal and company account – at the same time.

    Stop it. This is really bad. Most small businesses have connections with their friends and customers. Blasting out a post on your company page and then sharing it via your personal accounts is an annoying spam technique that gets your friends to “hide” your posts on Facebook and ignore your tweets.

    Stop and think about your sharing habits from your friend’s / follower’s perspective. Would you want to see a bunch of double-post spam coming up in your feed? You want to be sure that whatever you are doing, you are not devaluing the experience for your friends and potential customers.

    Smarter Alternatives

    Spread your Facebook shares out – If you plan to post your article to Facebook, share one article out in the morning via your business site, and then share it again from your personal account hours later, or even the next day.

    Schedule Your Tweets – Use the sharing service like HootSuite or CoTweet to post your latest articles to your Twitter feed so that you don’t spam it with your regular use.

    Timezones matter – I see East coast companies and groups sharing out blog posts at 4 am (yes, I’m up that early) and sometimes I don’t even see them later in the day. Not everyone rolls back through their Tweet history, or uses RSS to follow their blogs. Again, scheduling matters!

    AM / PM matters – Some people have different reading / “internet time” behavior. They get on in the morning, catch up on their news and don’t really pay attention to the net till that evening or next day. Others, get on focus on work and then spend their spare afternoon time reading… you want to connect with both types of people.

    As always… in any social interaction, remember my golden rule: “Social media is not about you, it’s about what you can do for others”.