1. “Shape of Design” book is a big win on KickStarter

    A long time design “thought leader” in my book, Frank Chimero recently posted a project to KickStarter to fund an idea he had for a book. His goal was for $27,000, and in a matter of 3 days, he’s raised nearly $60,000 in total.

    For those of you unaware of his work, I would recommend that you watch his speech at BUILD conference. He has a really incredible passion for creation, design, and not just one particular direction with design, but rather, the idea of design, what engages people universally.

    Frank Chimero’s Build Conference Speech

    Follow Frank on Twitter, or view his KickStarter profile to see details of the next steps for his book.

    KickStarter makes me love the idea of the internet all over again

    It’s looking like we’re trending back towards another “dot com bubble” in the coming years. VCs and tech companies are pumping out crazy products and services left and right. With the hyper-focus that tech journalist are providing to these products, it’s nice to me to find a service that is disruptive, in a truely good way.

    The idea that someone can post up a project, and gain support from like-minded supporters from around the globe, and be unfettered by traditional fund-raising limitations is awesome, and it blows my mind!