1. Safari Beta Released for Windows

    Today, Apple released their excellent Safari browser for Windows. I downloaded the beta as soon as the link became available this morning and have been loving the experience! It is the fastest loading browser, I have ever used, hands down.  It’s just a beta right now but the browser is fully featured and ready to go right out of the box.

    The design of the browser of course mimics the usual look of Apple products and I think it adds a nice flair to the Windows desktop.  Many Windows users will find it difficult to adjust to the new look, however, I think the transition will be a pleasant one.

    This release is great news for me because over the last few months I have been hoping for an alternative to Fire Fox because of its instability and Memory Leak “features”.  As I am on the internet for an average 12+ hours a day, stability (especially on a Windows platform) is paramount to me.  My experience with Safari so far has solidified my love for many Apple products.

    You can download the public beta from BetaNews.

    If you have time, post a reply detailing your thoughts or experiences with Safari (for Windows)!