1. Roundup : September

    September has been a whirlwind month, with amazing social media / networking conferences, cool new gadgets, and ofcourse, the return of the daily show & colbert report! This list is in no way chronological, future lists might!

    Chris Brogan headlined Nashville based Author’s Way conference to discuss his book Trust Agents and the topics it covers.

    Andy Rutledge wrote a great article regarding the designers and creative control.

    • Andy offered interesting insights such as “When your practices rob a designer of responsibility, you corrupt his work ethic.” which I personally have experienced.
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    Chris Brogan wrote a great “round-up” called Recipes for Modern Business which neatly organized many resources for businesses in one handy location.

    • These resources and articles are invaluable guides to many young businesses as well as older businesses looking to compete in todays connected world.
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    TED released Jonathan Zittrain’s talk The web as random acts of kindness an epic narrated story of hope for the internet. Watch it!

    37Signals announced their $100 Billion valuation that brought some people back down to earth.

    • With the recent rash of intensely high-dollar valuations going around the web, it was important that this article was there to bring people back to the basics.
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    TeacherTube released a video showing some interesting facts regarding social media that were both new and interesting to just about everyone. Watch it!

    AT&T finally released it’s MMS feature for the iPhone 3Gs, and now people are just waiting for their exorbitant tethering pricing / features to be launched.

    Kanye West crashes the VMA’s and becomes and internet Meme. President Obama calls him a jackass, nation LOLs.

    BLUETUX begins the final push to launch it’s big 2009 project for Florida Vacation Rentals.