1. Pay for Hulu? Hell yes!

    I’ve been a big fan of the HULU Tv service since it was launched in May 2008. Since purchasing an iPad, the one service I’ve missed the most was the ability to watch Hulu on my iPad. Since finding out that Hulu would be launching an iPad app I was surprised to find that people were balking at the $10 subscription fee. I think this is ridiculous. Here’s why.

    First, Some History: I don’t have TV

    About 6 years ago, I dropped my traditional TV subscription. I found that I would come home from a long day of work, and then just zone out for hours in front of the TV. What was worse was that it was mostly horrible TV programs. Sure, I’d have one or two “good” shows that I wanted to watch, but after they were done, I’d waste hours watching “junk” tv, often waking up early in the morning slouched over and sore.

    This didn’t fit well with the goals I wanted to achieve in my life. Also, the cost of having a TV with all the channels and services I wanted was expensive, running upwards of $100/mo. Why spend that much money only to waste the time and kill any healthy, productive activities that could be just as entertaining.

    I realize that my TV experience is not the same as most people, but I do feel that it is a perspective that is increasingly popular, and the future of TV consumption.

    Paid TV Service

    I am a big proponent for paying for worthwhile services. I avoid torrents and downloads of creative materials. Hulu has proven to be a great alternative to downloading TV episodes. I’ve been completely content with the ad-driven service that Hulu has provided up to this point. I enjoy staying caught up on my 4-5 TV shows that are my favorites.

    In April Hulu announced plans to launch a subscription service called Hulu Plus which would allow users to connect with additional episodes that unpaid services would not support. I addition to this premium content, I’d be able to watch it on my iPad, something that would complete my move from my laptop to my iPad.

    Netflix Vs Hulu

    Maybe your experience has been different than mine, but I personally find that Netflix has an extremely dated set of TV episodes. Sure they have some exclusive shows, but in general, if I want to stay up on any new TV episodes, I watch it on Hulu.

    Hulu + iPad Breakdown

    • Pay $10/mo subscription fee for premium tv content
    • Watch anywhere via Wifi / 3G access via your iPad / Laptop / Desktop
    • Port Hulu from your computer to TV with plethora of hookup options
    • Throw away your TV

    Questions for discussion: What is your current favorite method of watching TV? Do you still pay for a TV subscription? Why?