1. New Site – Need some advice!

    Though I like the general look and flow of the new site, I feel that my drive for reducing distractions may have reduced the functionality of the site. I need your feedback!

    Design Intention: Focus on content

    When I started designing this site for for 2010, I wanted to focus on the content. I am using this website as a blog, where I practice my writing and instructional skills. With that in mind, I went into Fireworks with the intention of stripping any extra functionality and feature out of the site that doesn’t support that goal.

    Problem: Native WordPress Features Disabled / Restricted

    Many of the default features built into WordPress that most blogs have have been stripped out of the design. Even though I felt that many of these were simply distractions, I find that the people who do read the site may find that this makes it difficult for them to find content that they’re looking for once it’s left the home-page.

    I’ve reduced the “recent posts” to simply 3 articles near the bottom of the design and have focused on categories or “topics” in the side-bar as a way for people to find the articles they’re searching for.

    Do you think that this is too restrictive? Does it keep you from finding the content you want?

    Planned Features / Updates

    1. Browser Testing – Since I created this entire theme in about 4 hours, I didn’t really have time to do extensive browser testing. I have a feeling that because this design is so simple the only browser I’ll need to tweak for is Internet Explorer.

    2. Better Comment Styling – I want to restyle the comments section a bit to make it more interactive, and well designed. I want to increase the amount of discssion that goes on in my posts and I want to make it an enjoyable, well-designed experience.

    3. Improved Focus on Connect / Contact info – I want to highlight the different social networks, and contact information of the site into the design, versus being a simple side-bar addition. No doubt I’ll play with the header space a bit to fit it in.

    4. Printability – I didn’t take the time to style the print styles for the site. I want people to easily print each blog post with full styling and layout to make it attractive and readable!

    Give me suggestions

    I realize that this is just a personal blog, but if you have any ideas specific or general I’d love to hear from you, especially if you are decent to amazing web designer, I love the input of other people as long as it’s constructive.

    Leave me a message below, and “thanks” in advance!