1. New Site – Part II

    Towards the end of December I launched a new version of the site that was more focused on the direction I am taking the blog. In general, I was happy with the design, but put it to my friends and followers for their input. Based on some great feedback, I’m happy to present version 2.1 of the design.

    Click here to view the full-size version (JPG)

    New Features – The re-aligned design contains many of the suggested features that were sent my way including: search, better access to older content and a better aligned content area.

    Better Readability – Instead of displaying just the latest article on the home page, I’ve elected to display a certain portion of the latest article with prominent links that will draw the reader to “read more” if they are interested. This has given me the option of displaying 4 additional articles and their excerpts directly below. I feel that this will give visitors access to more content without having to click around.

    Typography – The type used in the design is my layout type, it’s not the final typeface I’ll be using in the design.

    Art Armstrong and I will be pushing these design changes to the template this weekend and it should be live soon. You’ll be able to follow our progress on Twitter.

    Future Theme – During the process I’ve definitely come up with some solid ideas for creating a great theme for content producers who want the focus of their site’s design to be on their content. I plan on releasing a version of this design that is a simple install for WordPress later on this year. Let me know if you’re interested!

    Let me know if you see something you don’t like, or if you have suggestions for improvement. This has become my little mini-refresh project for 2010. Thanks!