1. New Features – Bookmarks / Twitter

    I’ve added a new feature to the blog here. Often there are resources / links that I want to share out, but I’d also like the chance for readers to comment on that link, instead of just jumping to it. @ArtArmstrong helped me implement some easy wordpress modifications to create my new bookmark feature.

    You may notice that on the home-page some blog titles have a bookmark symbol next to them. When a visitor clicks the blog article title they will be instantly taken to the resource. However if they click on the perma-link, OR click on the comments link they will be taken to a page that allows them to start a discussion regarding the link. I realize that this isn’t the most intuitive feature, however I feel that it will give people more options for discussion and I’m hoping that people can learn from the visual bookmark cue.

    blogpostsTwitter Integration

    I’ve also integrated TwitterTools into WordPress to push new blog articles that I publish here into my Twitter Stream. I tried several different plugins before landing on TwitterTools and I’d definitely recommend them, they seem to have the most comprehensive setup and their options are proving useful.