1. New Address: Oak Harbor!

    Forest and I made a successful move here to Oak Harbor WA last weekend. My family and friends showed up and we packed up my office and the old house in a matter of 2 hours or so. The next morning we drove over to Oak Harbor and got moved in to the new place.

    It was sad to leave Port Angeles with all the friends we have there and I’ll miss them all as we continue on our own paths. I made a lot of long term friends in the area and I’ll always look for an opportunity to move back if it makes sense. In the mean time we’re happy with our new place and Oak Harbor seems to be a great place for us to live.

    We took a few pics of the house and you can see them on my flickr profile. I’ll try to add more as we get around the town a bit more. If you want to visit me, just give me a call or shoot me an email and I’ll give you our new address!