1. Myspace: The Beautiful Ugly

    So, I was catching up with a friend the other day via the phone and the topic of her Myspace page came up. As a designer I consider Myspace to be the bastard child of Satan, you know, it all happened when he was touring with the band and had a lot of groupies hanging around.

    The user interface is clunky and hard to follow and yet millions of people, of many ages sign up for accounts, set up pages, and continue to fuel the market value of the site.

    I have a feeling that the reason that Myspace became successful was because it allowed people to keep in touch with friends all while maintaining a cool, exclusive (at the time) community that just about anyone could get into.

    But, instead of telling you why Myspace is successful, I figured I’d just put it up to you to tell me why you like Myspace.