1. My Spring Fitness Routine

    Since my wedding last year, I took a break from the gym, due to stress. Though I didn’t gain weight because of good eating habits and fairly regular excersize, I have decided that I want to get my routine back.

    Below are the steps that I am following to get back to my daily 17 mile bike routine.

    • Morning exercise – I am up at 5 AM, to do sit-ups, crunches, and pushups.
    • Run – The focus of my exercise is is cardio. Since weight loss is not my primary focus, I am trying to build up my endurance. While I don’t run a marathon, I am up to 5.5 minute miles consistently now, and am focusing on pace exercises vs speed.
    • Breakfast – I drink one or two cups of Tazo tea, and eat 1.5 cups of Kashi Lean cereal, with 1% milk. This particular cereal is a good balance of nutrition and helps give me energy for the day.
    • Water – In the morning, I drink about 3-4 quarts of water by 1 PM.
    • Lunch – I eat lean, small-portion food, mostly sandwiches with less fat, and a focus on healthy proteins (less red meats, more chicken).
    • Afternoon Snacks – I am trying to cut all snacks out of my day. I am a stress eater (salty foods) but I also love fruit, so if I do eat something, I am trying to focus on apples. Additionally, any time I get a craving for food, I drink some water.
    • Dinner – I am trying to eat smaller dinner portions. My wife and I already eat healthier foods, and rarely eat fastfood. The goal over the last month has been to ensure that I eat slower and eat less.


    On average, I’ve been loosing an average of 2-3 lbs a week just by following the process above. No real diet, just better conscientious habits when it comes to food and exercise.

    Stay tuned for more updates!