1. My Macbook Air Review

    I’m sitting on a jetBlue flight to New York, and I’m typing away on my Macbook Air. The best ultra-portable laptop I’ve ever owned.

    There was a ridiculous amount of bile thrown at Steve Jobs after the Macbook Air (late 2010) edition was announced. People jumped on the fact that Steve Jobs once said that netbooks are not the future. Critics (not necessarily of the laptop, but of the statement) said that the Macbook Air was just an expensive netbook. They were dead wrong.

    I’ve used netbooks, I tried them at different stages of their evolution, and they never were a good fit for me. Yes, they were small… but they also sucked. The keyboards didn’t fit my hands, the boot time, and processing power really killed the experience for me.

    When I found myself in the Apple store buying another Macbook, I ended up playing with the 11” and 13” Macbook Air demos. I was very pleasantly surprised that the laptops did not live up to the netbook label and it’s negative connotations. Yes, they are small, yes they are lite, but they pack a mean punch. The SSD hard drive, full-sized (regulation Apple keyboard) and seemingly oversized glass trackpad made the idea of switching from a more full-figured laptop to the new “netbook” a very attractive idea.

    I purchased the 11” Macbook Air with a 128GB SSD Hard drive.

    My Litmus Tests

    First, when I write, I prefer to write blog posts, proposals and other attention-focused tasks on a smaller screen — like a laptop. The size restraints and portability allows me to find a comfortable place (often my couch) and to focus on the task at hand. Bigger laptops fail at this task. The fact that this air has a tiny 11” screen, and weighs around 2lbs, means that this laptop passes this test with flying colors.

    Second, when traveling, I prefer a laptop that performs well (ofcourse) but also travels well. One complaint I’ve always had about flying and trying to work is that often the average laptops don’t fit too well on airplane seat trays. At the moment (of writing) I’m writing this blog post on my Macbook Air, which is a comfortable distance away, and not having to scrunch my 6’ 3” frame in order to type comfortably.

    Final Score 8/10

    I own a lot of Apple gear. I’m an early adopter and I consider myself to be a power user of all my Apple computers. To date, I can honestly say, that I have not been more impressed with a new piece of hardware from Apple than since purchasing the Macbook Air. I do make exception for the iPhone and iPad, but I consider those to be a different type of device…. but that’s a different story.