1. My Christmas List


    For the first time in 25 years I’m actually putting together a Christmas list. It’s mainly for family and friends, so that I’ll stop buying things I like and ruining their gifts — Sorry Elya!

    In creating this list, I am making a promise not to buy anything on this list before Christmas. You drive a hard bargain but barring any sudden urges or needs, I’ll save myself till 2010.

    #1 Apple Gift Cards

    I am sort of addicted to Apple products. They just came out with a new 27″ iMac and I hope to buy one in January 2010. It’s going to be epic. Buy Online

    #2 External Hard Drive (1 TB)

    I have really come to love and appreciate backing up my computers. However my 320GB backup isn’t enough room for my computers, I need something a little bigger. Buy Online

    #3 Panini Grill

    After I had that amazing Squirrel Meat Sandwhich from Bob’s Burgers, I’ve needed to explore the wonderful world of Panini grills. Buy Online *Don’t need to buy this one, it was just well rated.

    #4 Butt Pants – For Cycling

    Not only are you saving my butt from caving in… you are also keeping me from wearing spandex shorts when I ride my bike. This is bigger than you and me. You’re saving the World. Buy Online (Buy Large, I’ll wear a belt)

    Need more ideas…or just shop on your own…

    I’ve really run out of things to put on my list. I appreciate spontaneous and useful gifts as well, so whatever you want to give is fine. Also, I expect you to provide me with lists soon.

    Scroll down to leave a comment or question regarding this topic. Also, if you have any thoughts on where we should meet-up for Christmas let me know.