1. Coolest DIY Foamboard Radio Control Airplane, Ever!

    My friend Jessie Gordon created a giant foam RC plane with a few basic supplies from Radio Shack and Home Depot. It’s amazing.

    The airplane is made from regular foam board that you can buy at your Home Depot, however it is the features and specs of the plane that make it so amazing. With a 8 foot wingspan you’d assume that the plane would need a hefty sized engine to get it into the air but now Jessie has attached a tiny 400watt motor to the nose of the plane and it is able to soar to an altitude of at least 1000 feet. Jessie has also attached a compass and video camera to the plane that makes for some great footage.

    On-board Photos – 5MP Kodak camera was attached to take high-resolution photos as the plane flew.

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    Updated: Dec 5, 2012