1. Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

    The idea of limited government is a core political and social principal of the Republican Party. Yet so many Republicans seem confused about the actual meaning of limited government.

    The founding fathers intended our Federal government to be small and have limited power over the states and it’s citizens. Apparently, no one explained to the GOP that when someone says, “size of government” they aren’t talking about the number of buildings that the government occupies, but rather the reach and power of the government.

    Clearly, an unfortunate misunderstanding.

    To those new to the concept, the idea of limited government is a scope government that has just enough power to preserve individual liberty and protect private property for its citizens.

    Obviously, since the founding fathers formed this model of government, the world has become a little more complicated — we have computers, and they had shitty paper and wrote with bird feathers (idiots). However the basic principle is the same… The role of government is to protect its citizens’ property and their liberties.

    To help the GOP get started, I offer the following examples of what limited government does not do:

    If Republicans could honestly embrace even a shell of their past values, then they might be able to regain some of those youthful voters — you know, the ones that weren’t born in the gilded age and are currently retired in Florida.

    To put my serious hat on for a moment, the real problem that people have with the conservatives claim to wanting “limited government” is that their actions speak to the contrary. It appears that they only want the government out of their way so that the can enact policies to promote their business interests — even if they are harmful to others — or to restrict the rights of others.

    It’s hypocritical and immoral at best.

    Obviously, the idea of limited government extends beyond social issues, but we’ll have to leave that for another discussion. In the meantime, if the GOP could be honest with itself and stop claiming that it supports limited government while squashing the freedoms and liberties of others, I’m fairly certain that pants everywhere would breathe a sigh of relief.