1. Latest Addiction: MUXTAPES

    A few weeks ago I discovered an online service that allows people to create their own custom mix tapes and then upload the playlist to their service which will link to the songs and allow other people to view and share these lists with anyone. It’s been totally addicting for me and I’ve discovered a ton of music from it.

    The service is called “MUXTAPES” (www.muxtapes.com) and provides a snazzy flash interface that is both useable and quick.

    I’ve always enjoyed going through well prepared mixes to see other music that other people have put together. Its a great way to get some inspiration for new music. Based on this service, I’ve probably downloaded 10 new albums this last week alone. Oh right, and you can buy a single track or cd from songs that you find in the page right from amazon. It’s sick!

    If you use the service, be sure to create an account and link a few of your own playlists here for me to see!