1. Last Minutes with Oden

    Short piece about a man saying good-bye to the dog that helped him through some dark parts of his life. A really beautiful piece of film work that really helps capture the emotion of this experience.

    I’ve had a few situations in the last month or two that have given me a glimpse of life and made me aware of the inevitability of death for everyone. It sobered me up and forced me to really begin enjoying every minute of my life.

    My dog certainly has caught a soft spot in my heart and I know that if he were to die it would be a pretty difficult experience, however, it would pale in comparison to the loss of a parent or sibling. Since dogs have a shorter life span than the average human, their death is a situation where you will get to experience death, with training wheels. A chance to learn, a chance to steel yourself for coming situations.

    In this way, I think dogs are truly mans best friend. They represent an opportunity to bond with a living creature that will teach about all aspects of life, even death.