1. June / July Roundup


    It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to write up some blog articles. I thought instead of giving a super long update, I’d just kind of give a brief synopsis of my time over the last few weeks.

    • Went on vacation with family – Had an amazing time in Crescent bar with friends and family, and got plenty of sun. The trip was well documented with photos, however one of my SD cards seems to have been corrupted and I wasn’t able to get all the pictures off there. [See Photos of vacation on Flickr ]
    • Added two puppies to the family – Forest and I are both proud owners of two new Great Dane puppies. They’ve proven to be great pets that are relatively mild, and which are really easier-than-expected to train. [Movies: one, two. Pictures: Flickr Set]
    • Purchased an iPhone 3Gs – Turned out to be a fantastic choice. The new speed of the processor, video, and other useful features have turned out to make my time (which is considerable) on the phone that much more efficient, and fun. The video is GREAT quality, and the speed is visibly noticeable when moving from app to app, or browsing the web.
    • Setup ICRUSH.IT – A total side project that is getting some attention. I am using the site to pull in feeds from young entrepreneurs’ RSS, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook feeds all into one place. The name has it’s roots with Gary V, but I have become the master of #crushit on Twitter and the name felt appropriate. Domain should be active soon, it takes a good amount of time to register. We’ll be giving out occasional free email accounts from that domain. [Follow us on Twitter – http://twitter.com/icrushit]
    • I moved – Oh ya, I forgot to tell some people. I moved about 3 blocks from my old place to a new house. It’s quite a bit bigger and has turned out to be a great place for the dogs. [Need my new address? Contact me]
    • I received a Rotary Presidential Commendation – I’ve been an active member of my Rotary club and strong supporter of developing the clubs communication and effectiveness for different service programs. It was a great honor, and it felt amazing, I won’t lie. [Whidbey Rotary Club — Join us!]
    • I purchased a Nikon D60 – A really great choice for me, I love photography, and this camera gives me just enough performance to keep me interested and learning new techniques. It’s got great performance and it’s amazingly easy to learn how to use it. [Flickr Photos | See Camera Details]
    • Started great new projects with BLUETUX – It’s been a crazy year for us, but we’ve started some great projects with new clients and old, and are expecting to see some amazing results.

    I’ll try to keep you all more up-to-date with more blog posts over the next few weeks.