1. JPG Magazine: New Face & Features

    What a sweet way to wake up on this Monday morning! I sleepily browse through the list of blogs I read and find that Derek Powazek’s 8020 Publishing has launched a new version of JPG Magazine.

    I spent a good 30 minutes reviewing the site and reading the new programs that they have implimented into their already excellent magazine and am now convinced that this is a magazine that is essential to any photographer’s reading list as Flickr is to storing your photos.

    JPG has also reduced the cover cost for the magazine from $20 to about $6 a price that just about anyone can afford. I believe I would have bought it at $20 but I’m not going to pretend that I want them to change their mind.

    From the looks of it the general plan is to have people upload their photos which are voted on by the community. The pictures that make it through the voting process are then reviewed by the JPG staff which pick the best to be displayed in the actual Magazine.

    One of the coolest things about this version of JPG is the ability to interact with other photographers and maybe even get your work featured in the magazine itself. Imagine that, pictures you take could end up published in a honest to goodness magazine… on purpose.

    On a serious note, I think this is a smart decision on their part as there is so much untapped talent in young photographers who just need a chance to get their work shown in order to break into the field of Photography.

    For a more in-depth, serious review of the new JPG, visit Derek’s Website for a great review. Best of luck with your endevors Derek!