1. Things I Know by Jeff Bezos

    Today it was announced that Amazon was buying Zappos the online shoe retailer that took what Amazon did and applied their business model to essentially one product — shoes. This is great news for them, but who cares… instead, my Interest was drawn to Jeff Bezo’s video clip. It contained some really great thoughts that all entrapraneurs and business owners should be thinking about.

    The Video

    Points From the Video that I Love

    Obsess over Customers

    • So many businesses spend more time worrying over what their competition is doing that they lose sight of what their vision SHOULD be on — their customers.
    • If your focus is on what other businesses are doing you are constantly playing catch-up, wasting time, money, and other resources that could better be utilized serving your customers, and making sure that their experience with your company is the best possible.

    Whenever we have a problem, we never accept an either – or thinking. We try to figure out an answer that gets both things and that often requires invention, but that means you can invent your way out of any box if you believe that you can.

    • Change the culture of your company from a “how little do we have to do”, or “whats the lesser evil” way of thinking, and instead, spend time finding solutions that will propel you ahead and foster the culture of creativity

    I find that most of the initiatives that we undertake may take 5 to 7 years before they pay any dividends to the company.

    • This makes me feel better about some of my projects. Beyond monetary issues, many of our programs at BLUETUX are slow to be developed simply because the focus is on making a very good product for our customers.

    What Did You Think?

    After watching this video, did it change your perspective in your business, let me know!