1. Is Twitter Noise Pollution Devaluing Your Linkedin Profile?

    Linkedin has proven itself a bastion of professionalism among social networking sites since it’s debut in 2003. However, since Linkedin allowed people to import their Twitter feed into Linkedin, users have turned their profiles into a “stream of consciousness” that often devalues the quality of their profile.

    Twitter feed spam is easily the biggest offender here. It’s one thing to pull in a few tweets using the #in hash tag, it’s another to pull every single tweet into your Twitter feed. The obvious problem here is not just the amount of spam this creates but also the context and content of your tweets. Are all of your tweets appropriate for your Linkedin connections?

    I see this problem more often with new Linkedin users. They view it as “just another social network” and act accordingly. However, they are missing the real value of Linkedin and through their cacophony of noise they annoying other people who use the network “properly”.

    I consider the “proper” use for Linkedin to be the following:

    • Asking great questions to foster discussion
    • Fine tuning your profile
    • Giving recommendations
    • Following companies & organizations
    • Periodic updates to connections on major project / job milestones


    Interestingly enough, I am working on a blog post about social networks and the idea of value. In a nutshell, the point out that post is to show that value is in different for everyone and their audience, so what one “guru” considers to be value may not prove to be the same to your audience.

    That being said, Linkedin does prove to be an exception in my mind. Linkedin is successful because it is so focused on professional, clean communication, not noise.

    Fixing the Twitter & Linkedin Connection

    I recently had a friend ask me how to turn their stream of tweets off. For those interested, the process is as follows:

    1. Login to Linkedin and click on “Settings” in the top right hand corner of the site.
    2. Find “Twitter Settings” in the Settings page and click on the link.
    3. Select the radio button for “Share only tweets that contain #in” and click “Save”.

    There you go, you’re good to go! Now, when you use Twitter, the only tweets that will show up in your Linked in profile are the tweets that you tag with a #in hashtag.

    The Discussion

    Instead of turning this into another “get off my lawn” style blog post. I’d like to use this as a conversation starter. How do you use Linkedin? Do you spam your Linkedin profile page or do you have methods for keeping it clean and organized?

    Update: Just about to publish this and realized that Brogan has a great article about Linkedin Noise. Go read: Use Linkedin Effectively for some excellent tips and suggestions.