1. I put a ring on it.

    Funny thing happened on the way to the office tonight. I followed the advice of a pop-star and got engaged!

    I asked Megan to marry me and she said yes, so I’m getting one of the best Christmas gifts, ever.

    If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll probably have known that this day was coming for quite some time. However, ever since she joined twitter (@MeganMMann) I’ve had to cut back on my announcements a bit.

    Truthfully, if I hadn’t of proposed to her by Christmas, I have a feeling that she would have gone out and gotten a ring and proposed to me. She threatened to do so a few times. However, I’m happy she let me make the moment special for her and myself.

    Next Steps

    We don’t have a specific date for the wedding at this time, however at this time, we’re thinking late 2010 sounds good, and we’ll plan from there.

    Megan is finishing her LPN and RN degrees and those are taking precedence to any other plans at this time. We plan to continue living in Oak Harbor for the time being, but will travel frequently to the East Coast (for my Work).

    Contacting Us

    If you’re interesting in attending the wedding, or just simply want to connect and pass on your thoughts, please contact us via the following methods:

    Facebook: Megan / Sam Twitter: Megan / Sam