1. I Am Hiring – Designer / Assistant / Intern

    Looking for a job? BLUETUX is looking for people to fill various rolls in the company. We’re looking for a designer / html guru and a lower level office assistant / tech “laborer”. Both positions offer competitive pay and you’ll get a boat load of experience.

    We’re not 100% clear on the jobs at this time. However, if you are looking for a job and live in Oak Harbor Washington (or nearby) or are willing to relocate we are interested in speaking with you. Below I’ve put some notes together with some general thoughts regarding the positions.

    Assistant / Intern Position:

    • Entry level job – Depending on technical experience we hope to train this person in our business.
    • Technical Experience Required – You must have an interest in the web, website development and media related experiences.
    • Chance For A Career – You will have busy work such as answering phones, helping clients, and some tech- support. However, we will have you involved in MANY projects and there is a chance you can grow into other roles in the company.
    • Pay – The actual wages are dependent completely on your experience and ability, however, our pay is competitive.
    • Age Is No Problem – We don’t care how old you are, as long as you are capable and willing to learn.

    Designer / HTML Guru

    • Standardista – We’re looking for people who understand quality web design, not someone who’s only interested in exporting their design into tables from photoshop. You must understand semantic markup and have a passion for clean, useable designs.
    • Flexibility – We aren’t interested in hiring someone who isn’t flexible to other’s ideas and who can work well in a team environment.
    • Time Management Ability – The WWW is one of the most distracting environments to work in. We need someone who can manage their time well and drive through with a project till the end.

    Additional Qualities & Thoughts

    In addition to the rolls I’ve outlined above, there are some new developments in the works right now to create a small company that provides tech support for local businesses right here in Oak Harbor. We would provide network, computer, email, internet and and consulting services to businesses. Any expertise in these areas would greatly improve your chances with us.

    As I mentioned previously these positions are not 100% detailed out yet, however, we do want to talk to you if you feel you fit any of the above rolls.  All inquiries should be sent to jobs@samhowat.com.

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