1. Goodbye BLUETUX, Hello Avelient.

    After eight years, the team and I are leaving BLUETUX and joining Avelient. It’s been a long road, full of ups and downs, but over-all, a great experience for me that has let me grow as an entrepreneur and leader. As we pass into 2010, it’s time for a little change…

    As of January 1st, Art Armstrong and myself (and a few others) will be heading up a new development firm for Avelient here on the West Coast. We will be operating as Avelient / West, and work to build great relationships with our customers here on the West Coast.

    Currently, we are in talks with BLUETUX to merge the two companies so that the current BLUETUX clients aren’t left without support and are still able to continue any open projects that BLUETUX is still running.

    Why Avelient?

    We’ve partnered with Avelient for several years now, and have completed some great projects together. In November 2008, I made a trip to NY to meet with Avelient’s leadership and it became clear in 2009 that a transition — for me — to Avelient would be a good step in the right direction.

    The stress of running BLUETUX on my own has limited our ability to grow and I think it would compromise our competitive edge in the coming years. I’ve been working long hours, seven days a week, for too many years and have made many personal sacrifices to get us where we are today. By joining Avelient, I will be able to wearing two or three less “hats” and focus on my specialities and growing Avelient / West in the next two years.

    Questions / Concerns?

    I realize that for many, this may be a bit of a shock. For obvious privacy reasons, I’ve tried to keep the lid on it, and through merger talks things changed many times before a agreable set of terms was laid out.

    If you’re a current BLUETUX customer, please feel free to contact me directly via email: sam@avelient.com or by calling: 360-775-1430 and I’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.

    Next Steps

    Obviously, we’re going to be a little busy in the next few weeks during the initial transition as we setup new infrastructure. However, I’ve already started designing the new Avelient website, and will be making copious blog posts as I go to keep everyone in the loop.

    Thank You

    In closing, I’d like to thank all my old customers, friends, and the people that made the last few years so memorable. The connections, projects and opportunities have really been amazing and I have no regrets. I look forward to continued success with you and Avelient in the coming years.