1. Good Riddance Google Push

    For several weeks I’ve been trying out Google’s push service for it’s Gmail users. Over the course of the last 3 weeks I have had only about 3 or 4 hours of actual working service from it. It’s a complete fail whale for me.

    The pluses of push were an obvious draw for me as an iPhone user. I need my battery life and every extra second I can add to that longevity is valueable. I’ve been waiting for Google to come out with a push service, and when they announced the service I was stoked… despite the fact that the push feature was done using Microsoft Exchange.

    Enabling the push feature was easy, Google has some great, simple guides for enabling GMail push on the iPhone. Within 5 minutes it was working and I recieved my first push email. I thought this would end my use of the mobile site forever… Boy, was I¬†wrong.

    Within 2 or 3 hours, my iPhone started popping up a message asking me to enter my password for my email account. I was 100% sure that the password I was entering was correct and 9 times out of 10 it would accept it and go back to sleep… Then it started ignoring my entries and would just continue to popup asking for my password.

    I spent a few hours Googling for an answer, sent out a tweet or two, but found no solutions. One person said that they had to reformat their iPhone to solve the problem. I did that, hoping it would fix it, but all it got me was a one hour restoration process followed up by a persistent prompt for my password.

    For now, I’ve dumped the Google Sync feature for my GMail and have gone back to iMAP support with MobileMe syncing my calendars, and contacts. I’d really like to see a day when I can rely on a single service for that.

    In writing this post, I was hoping to see if anyone had stumbled across this problem, and what ideas they had for fixing it? Got any advice?