1. GDZLLA + Flickr – The Best TwitPic Alternative

    TwitPic has finally announced a business model: selling the royalties of your Twitter pictures to the highest bidder. In light of this, I thought I’d recommend a new service for those searching to move their photos to a safer place… enter GDZLLA.

    GDZLLA works by connecting to your Twitter app and your Flickr account. When you upload a photo, the photo is uploaded to Flickr, and a shortened gdzl.la url is generated and added to your tweet.

    Obviously, you will need a Flickr account for this to work, and while the premium Flickr account cost about $25/year, a free account will be more than enough for more people.

    GDZLLA is a service build by nclud — a pretty kick-ass design & development company. They don’t retain your images, they just use the Flickr API to upload your photo to your account and then shorten the url for your tweet. You own your own images.