1. FYI

    Leading up to January, I was extremely active on Facebook, Twitter and this website. However, since my first week at Avelient, we’ve been absolutely swamped with new opportunities and I went into heads-down mode to power through.

    Here’s a brief overview of what you have, or haven’t missed.


    Yes, Megan and I are still getting married. The wedding date has been moved to the 21st of August, and the ceremony location is still up in the air but we’re very close to a confirmation and the rest of the process is coming along nicely. To follow along on our progress check in here to the wedding 2.0 section once in awhile.

    Friends Moving to Oak Harbor

    Art Armstrong (Twitter | Facebook) is moving to Oak Harbor to work from the actual Avelient / West office. He’s been working from his home in Seattle and it got to the point that he was spending many weeks each month up here, living on my couch just to work from our office here. I guess he finally came to his senses and now has a place of his own up here.

    We’re looking forward to the summer and have even taken our first hike of 2010 with the trail dog: Zeus. See pics of our first hike here.

    Avelient is Growing

    I can’t give too many details in regards to our client list. But I can say that the move to Avelient has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional life. Sure, I’m stressed and busy, but it’s for good reasons, and I’m not being burdended down by dead weight and the results are rewarding!

    Considering Buying a Home

    In the recent months, I’ve been enjoying the fact that I live in a house. We’ve got plenty of room, it’s got space for the dog, and I can play music and movies as loud as I want without worrying about neighbors. It’s a total new experience for me, and I am seriously considering jumping on that first-time home buyers credit. Will keep everyone up-to-date on this as it develops.