1. First Swim of 2008!

    Well, I just made my first swim of 2008. Its cold as hell and still February, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t actually planning on swimming today when I went into the office but as I was looking out my window watching the sun, I realized I was probably missing out.

    Since I always carry my swimming and baseball gear in my truck (year round – I like to be prepared!) I was ready to go. I won’t lie… I didn’t spend much time in the water but I did go out about 100 yards from the shore and then zipped back in because some people were yelling on the beach and I didn’t want them calling the fire department or something equally stupid.

    After I reached the shore, I was pretty cold but in good shape! I listened to the elderly couple bitch about my swimming and then headed back into the office.

    My neighbors fear me now that they know I am Scuba Steve.