1. Explaining Social Media

    Ever since I started to help promote businesses through social media marketing, one of the hardest struggles we’ve faced is explaining to a business “how it works”.

    People seem to grasp the basics, but when you’re talking to a 40-50 year-old client, most don’t grasp the principle of social media, let alone the marketing aspect of it.

    It wasn’t till recently that I had a link sent to me from Chris Devine at Workforce Dimensions that I was able to sum it all up in one nice little package.

    The explanation comes from Perry Blecher and covers a high-level explanation of social media marketing. This 40,000 foot view of this marketing form shows you the high-level concept in a way that makes it easy to understand.

    Many people sink thousands of dollars of dollars without considering some of the free options that are available to them through social networking.

    Feel free to pass this video to your friends and others interested in social media and networking, it may help them get excited!