1. Election Jokes

    I am convinced that the U.S. needs a change in leadership. That is why this year I vowed to pay close attention to the political process (I actually have in the last 8 years, I just need to pay super-secret-close-attention this year) and make sure that someone gets elected who I truly think will do a good job.

    So far, It saddens me to announce that I haven’t been impressed with anyone and I’m feeling the ever present jaded feeling when I think of our political candidates. On the brighter side of things our local candidates seem like top notch people… seems like the good politicians are resigned to smaller posts of office. How sad…

    That said, I was reading my Newsvine and came across a hilarious article written by James Lileks of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He has a hilarious writeup on “The first 100 days if Democrats win“, and again, in the spirit of finding humor in partisan politics I thought I’d post the article.

    All together now, deep breath and laugh.