1. Control Multiple Devices with Logitech’s New Bluetooth Keyboard


    Short version: Logitech has solved the problem of having multiple keyboards for your many computers and tablets with their Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard and I recommend it.

    Longer Review

    Quality (7/10) – I have always used Apple Keyboards. Sure, many people would complain that they are overpriced, but they are high-quality, dependable, and work very well with Apple devices. You can expect that if you are buying something from a non-Apple manufacturer, you’re going to see a step down in quality, but Logitech has done a decent job in producing this keyboard. It is fairly light, and doesn’t feel cheap. The keys are a little taller than Apple’s keyboard, but not by much.

    Price (6/10) – The keyboard costs $100 (pre-tax + shipping). I found that Best Buy does carry the Windows version of the keyboard, but not the Mac version (at least at my store) so I recommend that you look around before you buy. For $100, I would expect a little more solid quality to the keyboard, but you’re paying for the convenience in this situation. If Apple where to come out with a Keyboard that let me switch between 2-3 devices and it costs $100 – $120, I would buy it instantly.

    Performance (9/10) – This is where the keyboard shines. I’ve found in the past with different Bluetooth switches and similar technology that it was sluggish at best. In the case of this keyboard, I found that it performed like you’d want it to perform — very well! The switching was quick, and setup for Bluetooth was easy (if not easier than Apple’s keyboards). The key’s are responsive, and you don’t feel as if there is key-press lag even after switching from one device to another.

    Batteries (9/10) – The keyboard has no removable batteries. It has batteries contained inside of the keyboard, and you charge it via a small USB cable that they provide. It comes with wire-management clips on the USB cable so it doesn’t add mess to your desk and can be easily hidden until needed. I found that the keyboard (when fully charged) actually lasted much longer than my Apple keyboard did, which is very positive. I should note that the on/off switch on the keyboard is much easier to use and much less confusing than Apple’s wireless keyboard.


    I’d give the keyboard a 7 out of 10 rating – It’s a solid keyboard, and worth the money, that will probably only be surpassed if Apple develops a keyboard with similar features. You can learn more about the product on Logitech’s website: Mac Version | Windows Version.