1. Building Konstructr Magazine

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    The green-building & construction industry has a new social media magazine called Konstructr. Included in the digital magazine are interviews, articles, podcasts and video episodes hosted by it’s creator Vik Duggal.

    Over the last few years Vik has built a network of green building and construction experts and business leaders who are prominent and passionate about their field. They have all connected via twitter, Facebook, Vik’s podcasts and the social networking site Ning.

    At the start of 2009 Vik started working with the team at BLUETUX to begin creating an online blog for Konstructr. This idea has grown into what you’ll see in the next month or so; a full-blown magazine, dealing with the latest construction industry issues and green building news.

    In addition to Vik’s participation, there will be other industry writers including James Bedell (@JamesBedell), involved in producing high-quality content that will bring valuable insight and information to the industry.

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    Stay tuned for Konstructr & more!

    This article barely scratches the surface of what Konstructr will be, however, wanted to give people a heads up. Look for guest posts here from Vik Duggal and interviews with other people relating to social media, and other interesting topics!

    In the meantime, follow me on Twitter: @BLUETUX. Thank you!